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Sully – 2022

I make funny stories, games, and youtube videos.

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The true story of Juan’s Dingle

Juan was a normal 17-year-old. He had a small afro, lived with his parents in the city, and loved playing Fortnite. As an urbanite, Juan took the bus to school, instead of clogging up the highway with a car. He was, indeed, a good man. It was one Tuesday, that events changed Juan’s life forever. […]

Injustice Man’s Morning

“Ugggggh” Andris, the cameo of Injustice Man, groaned as he heard a brother in Antarctica making fun of a polar bear that had eaten the boy’s fish at 5 in the morning. He was sleeping in his bed on the 2nd floor of his family’s house, but his Justice Sense was 24/7. Andris rolled out […]

Maleb’s Mistake

Audiobuk Man cooed and mumbled as he caressed the black box of his subwoofer. The strange, stubby, grimy boy was curled around the speaker in his bed, in a RadioShack where he had stolen every single speaker they had in stock. He adored his subwoofer more than a chef loved cooking, and he listened to […]

Komik Reader gets what he deserves

“Hehe!” Komik Reader was a stout, short boy, aged 13, with a bright neon mohawk, and grisly long arms that ended in razor-like claws, which were perfect for turning the delicate pages of his Komiks. He lived with his family in the urban area of Domestead, a rustic little town in southern Florida. Komik Reader […]

The Geels Claim Another Victim

It was a cloudy morning in Florida. The morning dew still covered the grass outside of the Jackson house, and from inside came laughter and giggling. “Har Har Har!” The ominous chant of The Geels filled the house. Sese, Marm, and Yats, three young, wild, untamed girls were upstairs in the bathroom, laughing insanely for […]

Injustice Man Saves the Day

Andris wasn’t the kind of boy that you would think of as a superhero. He was a stout young man, aged 13, with a visible mustache and beard, eyebrows the size of sausages, and wavy red hair. Andris resided in a deep dark hole, in an isolated island he called the “Cove of Injustice”, 20 […]


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