“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Yanse the master of keys

            Yanse could hear snoring as she crept into the Hackson’s house. It was a quite enormous house, with three floors.  She quickly glanced at the titanium lock holding the front porch’s door shut. She glared at the lock, and steam rose from the lock. Seconds later, the lock clattered to the concrete. That was easy. “Do they really think they can keep burglars out with this thing?” Yanse muttered to herself. She quietly opened the front porch. Those idiot Hackson children had blabbered the password for the jewel safe. What idiots.

            Yanse was the master of locks, the swiper of keys. Nothing could stop her! She giggled to herself as she opened the front door. The door creaked as the hinges rubbed against a rusty spot. Yanse winced but stepped inside anyway. The house was pitch black as Yanse crept up the creaky stairs. The Hackson children just HAD to tell her the location of the safe, didn’t they? “They are getting what they deserve!” Yanse thought. She kept on the side of the stairs closest to the wall, where the wood would have more support and wouldn’t creak.

            A couple of minutes later, Yanse stood in front of the enormous safe. It was almost as tall as the roof, and just as wide. With just a quick lick with her tongue, Yanse knew the exact type and kind of safe. Three feet of solid diamond and steel, with a forty-stage lock. It must take three hours for the Hacksons to get inside! Yanse glared at the lock, and it melted away. Easy as pie. Yanse pulled aside the melted metal and stepped inside. Suddenly, bright white lights blinded her as she put a foot onto the floor. “Put your hands on your head and turn around!” shouted a gruff voice with a tinge of Russian accent. “Shimina!” Yanse wailed. She had managed to keep out of the penitentiary for years now, but that was about to end. Her plan had failed. A buff looking Russian police officer grabbed the small child and pushed her dirty hands into handcuffs. “Anything you say can and will be used against you in court,” he commented. Yanse was driven to the local penitentiary and was sentenced to 53 years in solitary confinement. The jail cell that Yanse was led to was a special cell made just for the lock-picking child. It was made out of plastic, and had eighty Russian guards standing guard right outside. There was no locked, and food had to be pushed in through the spaces inbetween the plastic bars.

The End.

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