“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022


I have completed so much in the new Afterblast.

In older versions of Afterblast, the inventory system was very buggy. Every time you dropped a weapon, it would become disordered and messy. I have figured out how to fix this though, and it’s so satisfying when you can drop and pickup items without any bugs happening.

Ever since I’ve installed Maya, it’s been very easy to model. Blender is still more familiar to me though because I know how to do way more. I’ve remodeled ever single object in the game and remade the level because it was looking kind of ugly. There used to be no textures, but Photoshop is the easiest program to texture an object, so now everything looks alive.  The first thing that I made with Maya is the main character. I’m surprised that it turned out so good, even if I can’t control the separate fingers. I put the game online yesterday, and a good friend on Scratch, Sergej, played it with me. I don’t think he knows how to play very well, but he can move around and jump.

I’ve made everything in what I think to be a cartoonish style. It turns out pretty nice when I put everything together. I’ve also remade the storm with a better shader so that it glows when it touches other objects. Shader Graph is pretty fun to use, so I made a water shader, and put the water on the outside of the island. It doesn’t kill you when you touch it. The storm has a new way of shrinking, but there is this annoying bug where it will always shrink and move to the same exact place every game, which makes it pretty easy to know where to move. The hardest texture to make was the grass. It had to be seamless, so I could tile it again and again without anyone noticing. I used my drawing pad, because it was going to be impossible with a mouse. While I was drawing it, I figured out that I could write messages in the grass, and you could only see it if you looked really closely.

Every Tuesday, we have coding camp. I’ve been teaching this boy named Joel how to use Unity. He’s getting pretty good, but still has a lot to learn. He bought the Unity course on Udemy, and is working on a zombie shooter game, but he still comes to the coding camp so I can help him fix bugs.

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