“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Irm the feesh escapes prison

                Irm gurgled in her cell. The maximum-security prison had to made very special accommodations for their feeshy felon because she could only breathe out of water for short amounts of time. They had placed in her in a 500-gallon tank inside of a jail cell. She glared as a guard holding a rifle passed by the jail cell. The guard stopped and glared back. For several seconds, nobody blinked. Then the guard gulped in defeat, and quickly looked again. Note: Never have a staring contest with an aquatic creature who never blinks. Irm cackled with pride and puffed up.

                Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound. The floor groaned and creaked as an earthquake began to shake the whole building. Irm gurgled with glee as the “reinforced” glass cracked, and water began gushing forth. Irm followed the current and easily slipped through the widely spaced metal bars. The water flowed down the hallway, which was packed with escaping prisoners. The guards hadn’t yet realized what was happening. Irm slipped out of the reception area of the prison and into broad daylight. Outside, the ground wasn’t shaking. A small, puny little boy with mangy black hair was pointing a stick at the building. Was that causing it to shake? Hawwy cackled as Irm slid to a stop beside him. “My feeshy friend! Lets take over the world!”.

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