“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Dar De Geels

Location: Local Zoo.

                The Geels cackled as they swarmed over their victim, a 350-pound jaguar. The jaguar hissed and swatted, trying to free itself from the Geels, but there were just too many to fight. 30 seconds later, the Geels moved away from what used to be a wild cat. In its place was a huge skeleton, completely white.

                The Geels were a scraggly bunch of girls. They were about 6-8 years old but could move faster than a jet airplane when they were on a hunt. Sihi was the leader of the pack. She commanded every single move. Irm was the Vice Leader. If Sihi went down, Irm commanded the pack.

                The Geels scuttled away to their next meal, a poor old man sitting on a bench in the zoo. The old man cried out and swatted his cane as the Geels swarmed around him, but the they were just too much. They hovered around the man, and he went without much of a fight. After a few second, the Geels retreated from the blood-stained bench, nothing left but a shining white skeleton. Sihi cackled. “He he! Puny mortal! You stand no chance against Dar De Geels!”. The pack cackled as one and rubbed their bellies. That was enough food for today. The Geels scampered to the nearest sewer drain and slipped inside. Nobody could catch them now.

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