“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

The Komik Reader

                It was 1:23am in the ice cave located on the arctic pole. Freezing winds blew across the icy plains, but inside the cave was warmer than a polar bear’s behind. The cave was mostly taken up by a huge satellite for lightning fast internet, and a fake fireplace. Anyone connected to the hotspot could load up a 98k comic page faster than an eye blink.  Huddled in under a blanket at a far corner of the cave was Heme, a tiny little Komik reader with grey skin, long pointy ears, and long pointy claws for turning Komik pages without getting a papercut. Komik readers had the appearance of a goblin. Heme cackled with glee as he scrolled down on the page his favorite komik, Percy Jackson. His eyes moved at a lightning pace, skimming each image before the scrolling finally stopped. Heme had skimmed the Percy Jackson series over thirty thousand times, but he could just never get enough of it.

                The handy website “ReadComicOnline” was Heme’s favorite, storing almost all the komiks in the world. Heme prepared to swipe down the scroll wheel, when suddenly the lamp next to his laptop flickered. It went dim for a moment, then there was a sound of electricity snapped. The lamp went out, and so did all of the other appliances connect to electricity. Heme yowled as the laptop booted off, not even saving his page on Percy Jackson.

                Heme leaped up from his seat, hurling his expensive laptop out of the ice window. A fierce wind blew into the window, and Heme gasped as his delicate grey skin turned white. Heme crawled backwards as the fireplace started pumping out hot air. Heme got to his three-toed feet and fetched his coat, hat, scarf, and most importantly, earmuffs. He quickly slipped them on and stepped out of the door to his komik cave. The nasty power company would pay. Heme cackled.

                Five hours later, Heme arrived at his destination. A cruel walk through battering cold winds had payed off, as Heme stood in front of “Arctic Electric”. A door lead inside to the main reception area. Heme backed up a little and removed a large rocket launcher from his coat pocket. He slipped a rocket from who-knows-where into the barrel of the launcher and prepared to fire the explosive. Just then, there was an enormous growl. Heme froze, and slowly turned around. The growl had come from an angry polar bear. Heme cried out, just as the polar bear leapt. Heme’s claw-like finger accidentally slipped on the trigger, and the RPG fired. There was a colossal explosion, and anyone or anything who wasn’t inside of the 30-mile radius was instantly vaporized. The ice floor suddenly turned into liquid and brought everything down with it. It is safe that Heme never survived, and neither did his page of Percy Jackson.

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