“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Revenge of the Hot Chalk

The dull sound of a Komik page being turned echoed off of the stone walls of Heyme’s Hut. Inside of Heyme’s Hut, a cauldron of boiling Hot Chalk filled the room with an acrid smell of whatever the Hot Chalk contained. Frog legs, snake heads, and chicken feet hung from strings attached to the roof, more ingredient for the Hot Chalk. Heyme was sitting on a wooden stood in the middle his Hut, reading a Komik. Heyme cackled as his favorite character, Gawou, defeated the good guy. “You got him, Gawou!” Heyme chuckled. Just as he was about to skim the next Komik page, the Hot Chalk started bubbling over the top of the cauldron, spilling onto the dirt floor of the hut. Heyme didn’t notice until the Hot Chalk started burning his feet.

Heyme shrieked and leapt backwards, holding his burnt foot in his clawlike hand, perfect for turning Komik pages without getting a paper cut. “Bad Hot Chalk! I will punish you!” Heyme waved a fist in the air. The Hot Chalk was now filling the entire floor of Heyme’s Hut. Heyme couldn’t move anywhere without getting burnt. A vial of purple liquid sitting on a wooden table cracked as the Hot Chalk touched it.The vial shattered, spraying glass and its contents into the Hot Chalk. Suddenly, the Hot Chalk came to life. Heyme screamed as the Hot Chalk started to morph into a wolf-like form. Heyme made a grab for his magic wand, but just as he was about to shoot off a spell, the Hot Chalk grabbed it and it disintegrated.

Heyme turned and fled into the swamp, the Hot Chalk on his Komik heels. Heyme pulled out a backup wand from his black robes and fired spells at the Hot Chalk without a glance, but the didn’t seem to hit their mark. The swamp forest was getting darker now. The ground was turning into a steep slope, descending into a cave. Heyme’s claw like foot caught on a vine, and he stumbled to the ground. The Komik reader got up quickly, but the Hot Chalk had caught up. With a single hand, it grabbed a struggling Komik reader by the throat, and tossed it into its gaping maw. Heyme screamed as he was consumed by his own potion, Hot Chalk. He would never see the light of day again.

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