“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

The Geels’s Hair

                Sese and Marm were a vicious pack of Geels. Marm was part Feesh, part Geel, while Sese was mostly goat, but also part Geel. Together, the pair of Geels shared a single brain cell. Geels were irrational and senseless about their hair. If they had a choice between death or cutting off their hair, they would choose death. ”It’s better than no hair!”. The Geels are the dumbest life on Earth. Combined, all of the Geels who existed had less brainpower than a peanut.

                The Geels’s day started with the usual five-hour hair wash and dry, followed by a thirty-minute soaking in “Hair Milk”. While Sese and Marm were submerged in the bathtub full of Hair Milk, the Geels’s brother, Jimmet, snuck up on them. Jimmet was tired of the Geels. Over a thousand dollars of hair products each day went directly to the Geels, with nothing left over for essentials like food or electricity. Jimmet grabbed a bottle of Clorox, uncapped it, and poured all of the contents into the Hair Milk. The Geels didn’t even notice, their eyes had cucumber slices on them.

                Within seconds, the Hair Milk and bleach had mixed, and strand by strand of the Geels’s hair began falling out. Sese’s red eyes flashed open. A claw like hand reached behind and felt nothing where luscious, curly brown hair should have been. “YOOOoo!!” bleated Sese. Sese jumped out of the Hair Milk, looking for the victim. Sese spotted Jimmet running out of the bathroom. Sese fell onto fell onto four cloven hooves and raced toward Jimmet. Jimmet shrieked and Sese caught up with him. Sese leaped into the air and came down on Jimmet head. Jimmet screamed as his head was crushed. Greyish matter began seeping out of his skull. “The Boils did it!” Sese shrieked, and their mom came to see what was happening. “The Boils smashed their head in!” Sese quickly removed her hooves from Jimmet head, but there was a hoof shaped dent in Jimmet head. “The Boils also shaved our hair off!” Sese bleated. Instead of rushing Jimmet to the hospital, their mom rushed to Sese’s side. “Who cut your hair, Sese?!” “The Boils did it!” Sese cried, pointing at a dying Jimmet.

                 Jimmets mom kicked Jimmet’s head, resulting in more grayish matter seeping out. “Good job Jimmet! Look at poor Sese’s bald head!” Marm came racing into the living room, her Feeshy eyes staring around wildly. Marm’s fins seemed glued to her bald head. “Our luscious brown hair had been shaved!” Marm bubbled. “Its all the Boils fault!” Marm jumped onto an already dead Jimmet. “Nasty Boil! Feel the wrath of Marm!” Marm grabbed Jimmet by the feet and swallowed him whole. “Boils for breakfast!” Marm chuckled happily.

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