“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

i hate oatmeal

you shudder as the kidnapped wraps thick ropes around your wrists, tying you to a chair. The dark room is suddenly illuminated by flickering yellow fluorescent lights.


It’s Billy Ibn Fulan. Billy is sitting right in front of you, his bald head reflecting light like a mirror. Everybody is scared of him. Why wouldn’t they?

“You know where the package is?”

You shake your head no. Billy can’t get the package, no matter how much they torture you. Instead of inflicting pain, Billy nods to the kidnapper, who is standing guard inside of the room. “Get the bowl”.

You wonder what “the bowl” is. Some torture device? Seconds later, the guard comes back, holding a bowl of steaming something. Billy grabs it, and holds it under your nose. The scent almost makes you faint. You look down. Inside of the bowl, is grayish, goopy nastiness.


You strain on your bonds, trying to escape. “No! Nooo!” You scream as Billy spoons oatmeal into your mouth. It slides down your throat, and you choke. “I’ll tell you! I’ll tel-” Billy shoves another spoonful of oatmeal down your throat. “Its in my Chevvy!” You sob. Billy grins.

the end

sully hates oatmeal. its nasty. i will never eat it again.

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