“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022


                Young children, especially my FIVE brothers and sisters, are hard to deal with. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I’ll make myself some hot chocolate or juice. I swear, as soon as they see me making food, they want some too, as if they wanted it before. Then slowly, one by one, the children all put in requests, and I have to make hot chocolate for everybody. I can never make something that my siblings don’t want.

                Privacy? Pfft, what’s that? There is two bathrooms in my house, and us children all have to share one. My parents have the other one. The children’s bathroom doesn’t even have a door. There was only one hinge on it, and some people, *cough cough* little sister,  enjoyed swinging off of the handle. Now, we literally have to use a shower curtain. You can’t lock it. In fact, when I’m using the bathroom, people don’t know someone is using it, or they act like it, and walk straight in. I’ve had some pretty embarrassing moments like that. One time, I got my revenge by splashing cold water on my brother, who tried to walk in while I was showering.

                Most of the things in our house are broken. I’m the cleanest one in here. My desk is sparkling, and my area, the living room, is so spotless you might go blind.

                Brothers and sisters are hard to get along with, but they keep me company. I guess.

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