“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Azucena the hobo-cat

“Azucena! Are you okay? Do you need more kibbles?”

                Sihi the Geel rushed to Azucena’s home, a dark, cramped alley in between two houses. Two mishappen yellow eyes burned out of the darkness, and a calico cat came stumbling out, its tail high in the air. Sihi cooed like bird and brought the moldy lips of Azucena to hers. “Give me moochies, Azucena,”

                Sihi brought out a pouch of gourmet cat food, and slowly hand fed her dear cat on the driveway of the abandoned house where Azucena lived. Azucena lowered its head and began chomping down.

                Suddenly, another cat appeared from on top of the house, and jumped on top of Azucena. There was the sound of ripping flesh, and Azucena let out an ear shattering yowl. It was Inky, the swaggering black cat. Inky pushed the unconscious Azucena aside, and began eating. Sihi bleated. “You! Eating Azucena’s food! How dare you!”. Inky flicked her ears annoyingly but continued eating.

                A day later, it was Azucena’s feeding time. Sihi was walking from her house to Azucena’s mansion when she spotted her dear cat sitting in the road. “Azucena! Get out of the road!” Suddenly, there was a honking sound. A car was speeding down the road, blasting music from its speakers. A dude with dyed green hair and no shirt was manning the controls. “Azucena! Watch out!” Sihi leaped in front of the car as it zoomed past. There was a terrible CHRUNCH and Sihi was blasted across the street, all of the bones in her body broken and mangled. Even Azucena, the cat Sihi was trying to die for, died.

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