“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022



                Billyette Ibn Fulan Habesha looked up from her mango fruit smoothie and picked up her phone. She was relaxing on a reclining chair in front of her sparkling pool. The text was from Jimmy.

                Billyette rolled her eyes in annoyance and thumbed a response. I’m really busy with work right now. Billyette giggled. It was a good enough excuse for her.

                The response from Jimmy was immediate. How can you be doing work right now? Its Saturday!                 Billyette groaned and put down the phone. What was a good excuse to use? Billyette’s eyebrows shot up with a great idea. “I know! I’ll just ignore him! Maybe he’ll give up then”.

                Billyette put her phone down and took a sip of the mango smoothie. It was a hot day outside, but luckily, the pool radiated coolness.

                Five minutes later, her phone buzzed again. Billyette looked at it, knowing that it was Jimmy’s snarky response. Billyette continued drinking. Suddenly, the phone started vibrating like a heart attack victim, shaking the whole table it was on. The dinging sound that sounded whenever sent a text was being spammed like crazy. Billyette jumped up from the pool chair and picked up the phone. The whole screen was being crammed with Jimmy’s texts. He was sending them at a rate of about fifty times a second!

Billyette entered a response. I’m going to get an F on my test if you keep on interrupting me!

                The phone stopped vibrating at last.

A few minutes later, a car pulled up the driveway to Billyette’s parent’s house. The door opened, and out stepped Jimmy. He stared at Billyette, who was slurping absently on her smoothie. Jimmy cleared his throat, which caught Billyette’s attention. “So, did you get an A on your test?” Billyette dropped the smoothie glass and glared at Jimmy.

*this is a real story

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