“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

‘Addy the Pirate

‘Addy was a vicious pirate captain.

He had a scraggly beard, huge puffy sideburns, and a small afro. His cutlass, a long metal sword, hung as his side, in case he was surprised. ‘Addy had a wooden leg, the victim of a rogue shark attack. He lived aboard the Black Pearl, an enormous ship with fifteen cannons and three hundred-foot masts, complete with three sails on each one. ‘Addy lived with his twenty pirate scallywags. His friends included Billio the first mate, Barni the second mate, and Berken the co-captain. They manned the ship along with the other crewmates.

                One day, ‘Addy was on his way to his personal captain’s bathroom. It was around five in the morning, and the Black Pearl was anchored off of the coast of India. Billio and Barni were out in the square, trading shark-meat for spices and other meats. ‘Addy opened the door to the bathroom and flipped on the lantern. He opened up the tap and waited for the water to heat up. Suddenly, he spotted something bright and green on the sink. His turned his head and shrieked in fright. It was a rat! “IT’S A SHARK! KILL IT!” ‘Addy shouted in panic, memories from the rogue shark attack that had cost him his leg flooding back. ‘Addy jumped out of the shower and brought down his cutlass on the rat, severing the disgusting creature in two. The sink was cleaved in two shattered as it crashed against the hard wooden floor.  ‘Addy looked closer at the mangled body of the rat and realized that it was a bar of soap. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and squeezed the soap back into shape, pulling out the sink’s shards.

                ‘Addy finished cleaning up and went back above deck. He pulled out his favorite book and reclined out on the poop deck, sunbathing.

                Suddenly, the whole ship rumbled and shook. ‘Addy ignored it. It was probably just a rough wave. Then, the ship shook again, making ‘Addy fall out of his reclining chair, smashing his head against the floor and making him loose his place in the book. He got to his feet and looked over the side. There was a huge shark smashing against the ship’s starboard side, shaking it. ‘Addy shouted for his scallywags, and they came rushing from below desk. “Shark! There’s a shark! Kill it!” ‘Addy trembled. Jirmain, one of the dullest mates on board the Black Pearl, took a running leap and jumped off of the side, aiming his cutlass at the shark. But he missed, and the shark opened his huge maw and swallowed Jirmain whole. ‘Addy shrieked again and went sprinting to the cannons. He lit the fuse and aimed carefully at the shark, making sure the ball would go down its throat.        

                Then, the cannonball exploded out of the muzzle of the cannon, smashing straight into ‘Addy’s chest and vaporizing him instantly. ‘Addy had pointed the cannon backwards.

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