“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Shef makes Doomplings

                Shef cackled with delight as he opened the gate to the waste treatment plant. He had easily broken the lock by pouring a little Hot Chalk on it. It had dissolved it like the Hot Chalk was acid; because it was. Shef quickly hurried into the first building, his stained and holey robes billowing out behind him. He peeked over the large container which removed the contaminants from the water. Yes! It still had the lumpy things in it! Shef pulled out a medium-sized cauldron package from his pocket and unfolded it so it took up 3 square feet. He concentrated as he took out a ladle and started scooping the disgusting murky water into the unfoldable cauldron. Shef wept silently into his dirty apron. His late grandma would proud of him, being a gourmet chef and all.

                Shef scooped another ladle-full of squishy brown “worms” and rushed back to his hut. He boiled together all of vegetables, spices, and murky brown water. Some of the delicious brown dumplings floated to the top, and Shef gagged, clutching his throat in disgust. The smell was atrocious. “Ehehe! My doomplings will be delicious!” Shef dipped his ladle into the dumpling stew again and sipped. He choked, and fell to the ground, twitching. This happened very frequently in Shef’s hut. Shef did not get up this time.

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