“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Sensei Shihan goes to the movies


Sensei Shihan grinned as he held up the ticket to see the new movie, the Karate Kick. He had bought them on the black market, thinking it was a tutorial on karate. You see, Sensei Shihan had a black belt, but he wasn’t what you would call “authentic.” Sensei Shihan had challenged one of REAL Karate instructors to a fight, and now, several dirty tricks later, he had acquired a black belt.

Sensei Shihan clambered onto his brand-new dirt bike, and raced off in his not-so-white anymore karate uniform, called a Gi, his black belt trailing behind him.

Several minutes later, Sensei Shihan had pulled into the theater’s parking lot, his motorbike revving. HE climbed off, holding up the dirty ticket to the teller. She looked at the ticket, looked at his bloodstained karate uniform, and allowed him to pass. Sensei Shihan cackled, adjusting his belt, and chose the…

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