“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Shef Makes Chocolate Mousse

                The deranged Gourmet Shef cackled as he mixed the syrupy liquid inside his cauldron. He grinned devilishly down at the chocolate mixture. “Eheh! My Chocolate Mousse will be an absolute KILLER!” The dark hut that Shef occupied creaked mysteriously in Paris’s early morning breeze. The hut’s window was open, and the breeze wafted the somehow delicious chocolate smell at the tourists hovering underneath the Eiffel Tower. Some of them wandered over to see what the hut contained. Shef looked up as a few curious bystanders peeked into the window. “Get away!” He shrieked insanely. “My Chocolate Mousse is not for the hungry!”        

The tourists scampered away, scared off by the squat like man mixing chocolate in a cauldron. After the chocolate has thickened, Shef blew out the flames with his icy breath and sniffed the chocolate fumes cautiously. “Not poisonous! Great! Now, for my last ingredient. A Moose!”

Shef reached his huge, thick arms into his chef’s hat, and rummaged around for a couple of seconds. “Aha! I’ve found you!” Shef proclaimed heartily. He yanked hard, and out tumbled a moose from inside his hat. The moose bellowed with pain and lowered its huge horns. Shef shrieked as the moose launched itself at him. Shef quickly inhaled and brew out with vigor. The moose froze in its tracks.

                Shef sighed with relief and mopped his forehead.  He cautiously edged around the moose taking up half the space in his hut and grabbed the cauldron of liquid chocolate. Raising the cauldron high above the moose, Shef began to pour it, slathering the frozen moose with chocolate.

                It was Chocolate Moose.

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