“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Stop Making Fun Of Himi!

Andris was an Indian bum. He was a Tent Dweller, the kind of person who would wrap themselves in three layers of sheets just so they didn’t have to wake up in the morning. This bum was so lazy, he, in fact, held the world record for the longest hibernation on Earth, beating the grizzly bear by at least 14 days, and the sloth by 159 months.

In the early morning, in order to wake up Andris, his two brothers, Sully and Himi would have to resort to making fun of, making fun of a person. Whenever Andris heard someone making fun of someone else, he would always open his crusty mouth and mumble “stop making fun of him…”. Andris’s ears were so large, they had a five-mile hearing radius. Andris looked kind of like Dumbo the elephant, except he was lazy and couldn’t fly. It was one particularly chilly morning in Bort Haulderdale, Florida that Sully woke up. He needed to start his work, as the household was completely homeschooled.  These lazy bums, Andris AND Himi, were snoring in their bed. Andris, as usually, was dwelling in his customary three layers of blankets. Even pouring water on him wouldn’t penetrate the thick armor. So, Sully resorted to the final tactic. “Hey shef! What’s cooking in your cauldron?”

Just like that, Andris was awake. “Stop making fun of HIMI!” He grunted, unfurling the three layers of blanket. “Stop it! It’s not funny, and it’s not nice!”

Sully rolled his eyes. “Shef! Are you boiling Nitrogen again?”

Andris’s eyes flamed. “Stop! Making! Fun! Of! Himi!” It’s not nice! And it’s not funny So Stop it!” his crusty mouth blubbered as his hands wrapped around Sully’s throat. Sully’s eyes bulged as Andris’s hands crushed Sully’s windpipe. The limp body of Sully dropped to the floor. Andris scuttled back into his tent, and hibernation was once more.

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