“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Making Fun Of

“Stop it! It’s not nice!” Andris mumbled as Sully laughed at Himi’s chef joke. The family of eight was sitting at the dinner table eating dinner. It was around 6 P.M, and the sun was setting in North America.

Suddenly, in Japan, on a remote mountain top somewhere in Northern Sikawa City, a fly called his brother an “annoying little gnat”.

300,000 miles back in Florida, Andris’s floppy Dumbo-like ears perked up a little. “Stop it!” He grunted. “It’s not funny when you make fun of your brother!” Andris, was talking to the fly in Japan of course, but the rest of the family didn’t have huge, floppy, Dumbo-like ears like Andris.

“Shut it, Andris!” Came Sully’s annoyed voice. “Everything we talk about, and you always say the same thing; Stop making fun of me!” Sully’s mocked Andris. Andris’s ears perked up a little as he heard a conversation 15,549 miles away in North Carolina.

A mother was on the phone, gossiping. “Have you heard about ol’ Billio?”

The person on the other end of the phone call, another mother, responded. “Yeah! I heard he has huge ears like an elephant!”

Back in Florida, Andris’s crusty lips flapped. “Stop making fun of me!” Everyone at the table laughed. Andris growled. “no. No. NO. NO! NO!!” He pushed his chair back, and everyone went quiet as Andris stood up, his huge floppy ears wiggling around like rotten jello.

“IT’S NOT NICE WHEN YOU MAKE FUN OF ME! I try telling you! Every day! But what do you continue doing? MAKING FUUUNNN OF MEEEE!”

Andris sniffed, realizing what he had to do. He reached into his pocket, pulling out Russian AK-45. He quickly mowed down his family and departed from the United States.  

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