“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022


It was the first time Tuchang was early to his C++ class, and the first time he could tell the professor “Hah, no making jokes about my attendance”. As Tuchang walked down the street to the class in the morning, he felt nervous, but didn’t know why. The young man looked in the reflective glass on the way to class and tidied his wavy hair. He entered the building, and greeted Chris, the tutor. Chris was using Zbrush and fixing up a 3D model. “Guess what?” Tuchang asked Professor T, who was sitting at the front desk. “I’m on time!” The professor laughed and looked at his watch. “Nope, 3 minutes late”.

Tuchang grumbled and walked into class. His three usual classmates were sitting, and they gasped in mock surprise when they saw him. Woren, the shortest his friends, with a beard and short curly hair, spoke up. “This is illegal, you? On time for class?” Tuchang shook his head, laughed, and looked around for anyone he knew. He didn’t see my friend Cloud anywhere. Huh. He sat down, opened up Visual Studio, and got to work as the professor instructed the class on what a while loop was. How demeaning, Tuchang had already created 15 games so far. Five minutes into class, Thrinity showed up and slid her hand across Tuchang’s shoulders. “Hey,” she said. Tuchang finished his work early, helping out most of his classmates in the room, including Woren and Thrinity. There were around 30 students in the class, but Tuchang was the only one who understood programming.

After C++, there was an hour break until his last class at 12, so he went to the cafeteria. On the way, he saw his friend Vicky eating a banana on a bench. She was an artist with blue hair and took animation classes across the street. “Lets go check out what the cafeteria has”, he said, and they went, but Vicky chickened out, so Tuchang had to eat his wavy fries and hot dogs alone. After lunch, Tuchang went back to the computer lab and started working on the last C++ assignment. He saw Cloud working on a computer, and Vicky across, and decided to sit with Vicky. Woren came from lunch and Tuchang introduced him to Vicky. They exchanged ideas on the art Vicky was working on while Tuchang added some comments, but he hadn’t watched the anime they were talking about so didn’t add much. Cloud got up, and they locked eyes.

Vicky was late for class, so she left in a hurry, and Woren watched as Tuchang finished the final touches on the assignment that was due. Woren relied on Tuchang to pass him the final answer.

Midway through the class, the power shut off, and the class had to go to another classroom, which was decked out with gaming chairs, keyboards, and RGB lights. Cloud sat down next to Tuchang and took a picture of him sitting comfortably in his chair. The gaming keyboard was incredibly loud while Tuchang took notes, and the teacher looked around several times as she read from her presentation about the types of gamers. “Oh, its you” she said to Tuchang. “I didn’t think someone was actually typing that fast”.

Thrinity messaged Tuchang on the class group chat. “Tuchang, you’re scaring the teacher with your typing”. Everyone in the class laughed. “Yeah, are you hacking the school?” Everyone started making hacking jokes.

After class, Cloud and Tuchang went to the library and read comics while writing down random ideas for the game jam they would be participating in, along with Cloud’s friend and sister. Tuchang’s father picked him up an hour later, and then drove home.

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