“why follow your dreams when you can follow me?”

Sully – 2022

Hawwy’s flight aboard American Airlines.

It was a rainy morning in northern England. The forecast predicted the rain would last for half of the week. Above downtown England, there was a cackle as a figure wearing a black cloak zoomed past. It seemed to be sitting on a dirty broom handle. That mysterious figure was Hawwy, a young boy who was recently expelled from Saint Brutus’s School for the Criminally insane. Hawwy cackled as he zoomed through the clouds, his jet-black hair that was normally spiky and untamed was flapping in the wind as he cruised at 265 miles per hour, 2 miles above sea level. Cackling psychotically, Hawwy did a reckless barrel roll through formation of clouds that seemed to be shaped like an elephant. Ahead of Hawwy, American Airlines Flight 949, headed to Worcester England, was heading straight towards him. The young boy spotted the airline before the pilots did. “Muggles!” He screamed and turned to fly next to the airplane. People sitting in the window seat rubbed their eyes as they comprehended a young boy dressed in black robes, who seemed to be flying in the air!

“Look Mommy, there is a little boy outside!” said a young 4-year-old girl, staring out of the window. “Nonsense, Lilbibliticke Jr, don’t lie to Mommy,” said the mother, who was distracted by a tiktok dance on her phone.

Hawwy sidled up to the airplane wing, and somehow stood up on the wing. The laws of nature stated that this had to be impossible, but somehow physics didn’t apply to the young child. Hawwy raised a ratty, moldy stick of wood, aimed it at the cabin door, and cackled an incantation.


The door opened, and Hawwy stepped through into the cabin, which was so silent you could hear a pin drop. “Well, Muggles!” Hawwy’s psychotic laugh truly struck fear into the fainthearted. A flight attendance rushed to the young boy’s side. “Little man, what you just did was a danger to all of the passengers aboard American Airlines! You know we like to keep our passengers safe.” The flight attendance, Procrakte, whose profession was a nurse, made a fatal mistake, putting a hand on Hawwy’s shoulder. Hawwy whipped around, bellowed “Avacada Kedabra!”

The green killing curse hit the nurse right in her purse, and she died from the curse. The passengers in the cabin panicked. Everyone started jumping out of their seats, and in the confusion, the little young lad escaped to the cockpit.

In the back row of the airplane, a young pale boy and his large, hulking bald aide were occupied, not even realizing what was going on. The pale boy was wolfing down a bowl of Cheerios, while the bodyguard was reading a gun magazine.

The door to the pilot’s chambers burst open, and the two pilots, Billy Ibn Fulan Senor and Jilly Bibn quickly closed the laptop that they were playing Fortnite on. Billy Ibn Fulan quickly stowed the laptop under his seat and put his hands on the yoke of the plane like he wasn’t cranking 90s and 1v1ing Jilly.

Jilly stared at the young boy. “Who are yo-“

But before he would finish the question, Hawwy’s jinx hit both men, and they toppled out of their seats as fungus’s started to erupt out of their skin. It was called the “Ongo” curse. Hawwy took control of the plane. What was going to happen now?

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